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Low Voltage Rescue Training

Low Voltage Rescue Training

LVR Rescue training can be conducted at our Cleveland Training Centre or Onsite at your workplace anywhere in the South East Queensland.

Low Voltage Rescue Training in the Electrical Industry is a vital part of every electrician’s training.

“Rescue and resuscitation training (1) A person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure workers who are required to perform, or help in performing, electrical work are competent in rescue and resuscitation in accordance with recognised practices in the electricity industry. Maximum penalty

40 penalty units.”

Source: https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/LEGISLTN/CURRENT/E/ElectricalSR13.pdf
Low Voltage Rescue Training

What is an Electric Shock

electric shock occurs when a person meets an electrical current and it passes through the body. A small current may not be detected although a larger shock may impede the person to let go of the electrified object, which will cause significant damage to muscles, tissues, and fibrillation of the heart.

Electrical Risks

Electrical risks include; death, electric shock or any injuries cause directly or indirectly by electricity. Some outcomes of electrical risks can include but are not limited to;

  • Electric Shock: This can cause injury or death depending on the current of the shock received by the victim. This can be through direct contact or through using a conductor of electricity; silver, gold, copper, aluminum, mercury, steel, iron, sea water, concrete, mercury. Also, this can occur when a conductive part of an object that is not normally energized becomes energized due to a fault which can include many different household items.
  • Burns: This injury or event can occur when an object has a fault and has not been noticed. This can be a frayed cord on a microwave or a faulty electrical object that has not been tested in accordance with Legislation.’
  • Toxic Gases: This is usually caused by the faults from the electrical objects or fires caused by the faults, this can lead to severe illness or death.
  • Step and Touch Shock – Step and Touch Potential is the voltage between the person and the electrical object, an example is during a storm and the powerlines are touching the ground.
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