What Do I Need In My First Aid Kit for Camping?

What Do I Need In My First Aid Kit?

Bites and Stings

Bites and Stings can make a pleasant drive in the country side become miserableness when your little one gets stung by and ant or a insect. Worse you upset a snake and get bitten.

Your kit should contain some basic items such as.

  • Itch ease spray
  • Heavy Crepe Bandages x2 min
  • Instant Ice Pack

To find out more about snake bite treatment check out our post on snake bites.


Did you know that Burns are a common accident when you go camping? The important thing with burns is the initial treatment of applying cool running water for 20 minutes. After cooling the burn it then is important to ensure infection can be managed.

Your kit should contain some basic items such as.

  • Sunburn Cream
  • Non Adherent Dressing various sizes
  • Cooling Gels to help maintain moister in burn.

To find out more about burns check out our post on thermal burns.

Cuts and Wounds (Bleeding)

Server Bleeds can become life treating if you do not have the right equipment on your to help control the bleeding. Minor wounds too however pose a threat should they not be cleaned or managed correctly too.

Your kit should contain some basic items such as.

  • Band aids
  • Combined Dressings
  • Shock Blankets
  • Conforming Bandages various sizes
  • Non Adherent Dressings

Don’t forget, should someone be suffering from any sort of bleed pressure directly to the cut is the key to helping stop the bleeding.

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What Do I Need In My First Aid Kit for Camping?


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What Do I Need In My First Aid Kit for Camping?

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